Instructional Design Portfolio: Matthew McClure

Being Active
Online learning module for Being Active, one of the ADCES7 Self-Care Behaviors.

CFC Quick Guide (PDF)
A tip sheet created to help Fitch Ratings employees get acclimated with a new content management system.

Cultural Competency for Diabetes Care
Online course created for the Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists.

Emergency Preparedness
One of seven annual compliance courses developed for Northwest Community Healthcare (NCH).

HIPAA Scenario
A scenario-based exercise included in one of NCH’s compliance courses.

Honeywell CT45 XP
Online tutorial on how to use a Honeywell scanning device. Created for United Airlines employees.

ID Puzzle Challenge
Interactive exercise created to help NCH employees better understand the role of the instructional designer.

Kronos Mobile for Employees
Microlearning demonstrating how to use the Kronos mobile app.

Microsoft Excel Training (PDF)
Instructor-led training authored from scratch for NCH.

NCH Employee of the Year Nomination (PDF)
Completed by NCH’s Director of Human Resources, this document provides insights on my performance as a senior instructional designer.