Pearl Jam? No. Bjork? Nei. Chicago Brass Band? Yes!




On the same night that Pearl Jam and Bjork performed at local venues, we did what (almost) any parents of a three-year-old would do: we opted for an easy five-minute trip to a nearby park for a performance by the Chicago Brass Band. What was the appeal? Free admission, ample space to unfurl a blanket, and easy access to a public restroom. The importance of this last point was underscored when the kiddo made an announcement toward the end of “Death or Glory” (listen for it at the 2:45 mark).



The accompaniment of cicadas provided a summery backdrop to this turn-of-the-century American march. The song, penned by Maine native Robert Browne Hall, is particularly popular in the UK but sounds nothing likeĀ The Clash track of the same name.