Kankakee Sands




I’m quite familiar with the 100-mile stretch of Highway 41 between Chicago and Attica. I’ve traveled the route countless times over the course of my life, using it to escape the sprawl of suburbia and enjoy the solitude of my family’s Indiana farm. But only recently did I discover Kankakee Sands, a 7,800-acre expanse of restored prairie — owned and managed by The Nature Conservancy — bordering Highway 41 in Morocco, IN.

Yesterday, while returning home from a trip to Indianapolis, I made a quick stop at Kankakee Sands to capture a few photos in a field of wildflowers. Unfortunately, a howling wind made it challenging to capture crisp images.

I know. Excuses, excuses. Nonetheless, I’ll be sure to bring my monopod the next time I head down Highway 41.